Lake Norman Boardwalks


A Boardwalk from your home to your dock and/or Lake Norman access area greatly enhances your property.  A boardwalk provides “Curb Appeal” to Lake Norman lots and increases the equity in Lake Norman homes.  We have been building boardwalks around Lake Norman since 1988; we have the skills and experience to guarantee you a good experience!


Our experience makes your wooden boardwalk a simple and affordable project.  We own all the equipment needed to develop the site and ensure a sturdy foundation that will last for decades.  We utilize several select material providers to ensure quality high and affordable costs, we pass these savings along to our boardwalk customers.

3 Steps to a Lake Norman Boardwalk

  1. Develop the Site
  2. Install the Sleepers
  3. Install the Decking

I will beat any quote for a Boardwalk on Lake Norman
& Guarantee your Satisfaction!

Barry Sims, Owner