Lake Norman Walkabout Platform Boat Lifts

Boat Lift

Boat Lift

Boat Lifts: Protect your boat from the elements with a quality boat lift installation from Lake Norman Docks.


Hurricane Boat Lifts

The quality of a boat lift is comprised exclusively by the materials it is made of; Hurricane Boat Lifts are manufactured from the highest grade marine aluminum available.  Every boat lift is design for appearance, durability and ease of use.  Hurricane Boat Lifts offer warranties that are unequaled in the boat lift industry.


The “Walkabout” Platform Boat Lift features that only a platform boat lift can provide, available in both vertical or elevator lift systems.



  • Complete deck lowers with boat
  • Auto leveling
  • Remote control with auto stop
  • Flow through Decking
  • UHS Gears
  • Direct drive gear
  • Custom sizes available
  • No obstructed view
  • Flush with deck
  • Locking Non Sway Deck (on vertical lift only)



  • 10 Year structural
  • 5 Year Gear
  • 2 Year motor
  • 2 Year comprehensive
  • 1 Year track (elevator lifts only)



  • 15 Year Structural
  • 5 Year Gear Box
  • 2 Year Motor
  • 2 Year Comprehensive



  • 7,000 lbs.
  • 16,000 lbs.
  • 24,000 lbs.


We recommend Hurricane Boat Lifts: Quality, Beauty & Easy to Use!




Barry Sims, Owner
Lake Norman Docks




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