Lake Norman Boardwalks

Lake Norman Boardwalks

Lake Norman Boardwalks

A Boardwalk from your home to your dock and/or Lake Norman access area greatly enhances your property. A boardwalk provides “Curb Appeal” to Lake Norman lots and increases the equity in Lake Norman homes. We have been building boardwalks around Lake Norman since 1988; we have the skills and experience to guarantee you a good experience!
Our experience makes your wooden boardwalk a simple and affordable project. We own all the equipment needed to develop the site and ensure a sturdy foundation that will last for decades. We utilize several select material providers to ensure quality high and affordable costs, we pass these savings along to our boardwalk customers.

3 Steps to a Lake Norman Boardwalk
1. Develop the Site
2. Install the Sleepers
3. Install the Decking

1. Using our Bobcat, we prepare the ground to be solid enough to accept the base and be level side to side. Gravel or sand may be installed on the site for erosion control and aesthetic enhancements.
2. Sleepers are heavy duty pressure-treated timber specifically treated for long term ground contact. The sleepers are placed level on the ground and attached with stakes and galvanized screws and/or cleats.
3. Pressure treated deck boards are cut to the specific length for the boardwalk. We use framing squares and our vast experience to place the boardwalk deck boards in place then secure them to the sleepers with rust resistant deck screws.

I will beat any quote on for a Boardwalk on Lake Norman & Guarantee your Satisfaction!


Barry Sims, Owner
Lake Norman Docks



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